Should Tanning Oil Be Used in a Tanning Booth?

Answer As the popularity of tanning booths increase, so does the popularity of tanning oil. There are numerous brands and types of tanning oils and lotions that help to achieve various desired looks. The... Read More »

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How to Tan in a Tanning Booth?

A tanning booth is not to be confused with a tanning bed or spray tan booth. Although they are used for the same purpose, to darken your skin tone, a spray tan is basically "painting" your skin, a ... Read More »

How to Use a Tanning Booth?

Imagine that it's almost prom time or you're about to get married or you are going on vacation. Pasty pale skin can ruin pictures of these events. The quick fix? Hop into a tanning booth a few tim... Read More »

Tanning Booth Safety?

Tanning beds can give you a safe, golden tan much faster than natural outdoor sunlight. Follow these guidelines to a safe tanning booth experience, and you will have a deep, healthy-looking tan in ... Read More »

What is a stand-up tanning booth?

A stand-up tanning booth is a vertical booth that allows a person to stand upright while receiving an indoor tan.Bulbs Are CloserStanding up allows the tanner to be closer to the tanning bulbs. Bei... Read More »