Should Scientists go to jail when they lie about research results?

Answer In that case all scientists should be behind bars as they are producing a pirated version in the material plane of consciousness what God had differentiated himself into and already known to all wh... Read More »

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Should I be worried about not getting results back?

Many doctors do not call you if your Pap smear is normal. Call the office and ask for your results. They belong to you.

I had my ears pierced about 2 weeks ago and they still hurt when i touch them what should i do?

They will still be sore after two weeks. Avoid touching them as much as possible as any dirt on your hands will aggravate them more. Turn them twice a day after cleaning them. They won't be fully h... Read More »

How much do nasa research scientists earn per year?

Does it anger you when the public donate to cancer research and when they get a new drug only private patients?

I have a friend who desperately needs medication to give him more time, he has been refused meds 6 times because of the cost £3000 per month. There is also another man where I live wanting the med... Read More »