Should Scientists go to jail when they lie about research results?

Answer In that case all scientists should be behind bars as they are producing a pirated version in the material plane of consciousness what God had differentiated himself into and already known to all wh... Read More »

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How much do nasa research scientists earn per year?

Can a mom revoke the parental rights of an abusive father who's always in jail who has been in jail almost 10 years of the child's life?

Answer The mother can petition the court to remove the rights, but she can't do it without a court order.

Has anyone else had normal papsmear results after getting abnormal results in the past?

Congratulation, yes even after many abnormal Pap tests you can have a normal Pap. When the virus enters its latent state it is not seen in any test. Our Pap test looks for abnormal cell changes. ... Read More »

Your daughter is in jail and she just had a baby while in jail can social services put the baby up for adoption without the mothers permission?

They would likely first try to place the baby with a member of the mother's family, or a foster home.