Should Schools Use Biometric Devices?

Answer Biometrics can be defined as an emerging security "technique for checking and verifying identities that employs digitally created 'maps' of an individual's physical characteristics (eg. thumb print... Read More »

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Who Makes Biometric Devices?

According to ThomasNet, at least 22 companies manufacture biometric devices. Included in this list is Hirsch Electronics in Santa Ana, California; Marshall Best Security Corporation in Fishers, Ind... Read More »

Who invented biometric devices?

Biometrics are automated types of methods used to recognize a person based on a behavioral or physiological characteristic. The first biometric device can be credited to a European explorer named ... Read More »

When were biometric devices invented?

Though identifying people by biometrics, such as a finger or hand print, is thousands of years old, the devices that automatically identify people by biometrics were only first invented in the earl... Read More »

Assistive Listening Devices in Schools?

Assistive listening devices, support hearing impaired students in the classroom, ensure that they can understand their instructor. Assistive listening devices or ALDs are able to overcome the typic... Read More »