Should Parents of morbidly obese children...?

Answer Sheeesh. No. They really should convince their parents to buy healthier foods, even though some of them are too young to even know about that kinda stuff. Or too lazy. =( No need to get in trouble ... Read More »

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Should the parents of the morbidly obese young children on the Maury Popovich show be charged with child abuse?

How much weight can I lose in a week if I am morbidly obese?

No matter how overweight you are a good goal is a loss between 1 and 2 lbs. per week. More specifically, losing 10 percent of your weight over the course of six months is ideal. This means you can ... Read More »

Morbidly obese is like self harm even suicide. Should they be forced to go to a calorie restricted place?

What agian with this Question, leave it a rest, British don't live in America therefore you don't know what is happening, you just want to jail them because they are overweight, it ain't right b/c ... Read More »

Should the parents of obese children face criminal charges for child abuse or neglect?