Should I write my diary on a blog or keep it on a notebook?

Answer notebook. you can take it anywhere with you and write on it anywhere as it does not require batteries. You can also feel more personal with it because it's not on the internet and no one can read i... Read More »

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How to Design a Diary/Notebook?

Decorating a diary/notebook is always hard. People want individual looks for theirs and they want it to be something no one can copy.

What should I write in my new purple notebook?

if you dont have a diary than make it one

How to Decorate a Girl's Diary or Notebook?

Millions of girls worldwide have diaries! Here you can see how to decorate your own and make sure that nobody has the same!

How to Make a Boring Spiral Notebook Into a Diary?

So, you don't want to spend $20 on a totally fancy diary with a furry outside, a lock, and colored and decorated pages. Well, here's how you can make a boring spiral notebook into a totally cool di... Read More »