Should I write her on facebook?

Answer Yes.Message her if you want, and set things straight. Don't be rude though. Only be rude if she starts being rude at you. Just message her in a nice way... just asking, "Hey, why do you keep adding... Read More »

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What did you write in the "Write something about yourself." box on Facebook?

iknow im not perfect, but Jesus thinks im to die for ...

Should I write on his facebook wall?

Hiwell then leave him a messagewhich is just like writing in a note bookif he's on your friend's list leave him a message & when he comes online he may pop upon the Chat just say Hi & go from there... Read More »

How to Write an About Me Description for Facebook?

Facebook allows you to insert a wide variety of information into your profile. This allows friends to know basic details about your personal and/or your professional life. Typical details include ... Read More »

How can you write/complain to facebook?