Should I worry if a friend just got diagnosed with HIV?

Answer On One Hand: HIV is a Serious InfectionInfection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is incurable and it leads to the eventual loss of the functioning of the immune system. This means that peop... Read More »

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Friend diagnosed with breast cancer, advice?

Don't panic, it's not a death sentence. It is very treatable, even curable, so don't think the worst at all. Her doctor will explain all of her treatment options or requirements. Stay strong and... Read More »

A friend was diagnosed with Tcell Lymphoma, cancer. She has untreatable psoriasis,?

There are certainly a lot of quacks out there. People who rely on natural cures die.Why doesn't she apply for Medicaid?

My male friend complaines of having a burning sensation when he urinates. Could this be reason to worry about?

Yes, he should be concerned. Your pee pee shouldn't burn upon urination. Could be a number of different problems, as simple as a bladder infection, or maybe more serious such as prostrate cancer.... Read More »

My friend has been diagnosed with high cholesterol after suffering a small stroke.What foods will combat this?

Basically, low fat, low cholesterol and low sodium (salt) foods are best. Primarily that means vegetables and fruits and fruits and vegetables. Most doctors recommend 8-12 servings of these every d... Read More »