Should I worry if a friend just got diagnosed with HIV?

Answer On One Hand: HIV is a Serious InfectionInfection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is incurable and it leads to the eventual loss of the functioning of the immune system. This means that peop... Read More »

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Just what is riskware and should I worry over it?

Riskware is legitimate software with security holes that can be exploited by malware, darling. It does not itself compromise your computer, but it can make it easier for malware to infect you. Don'... Read More »

Just poked my gf's friend by mistake on facebook- I think. Should I own up to the friend or....?

If you feel this guilty about it that you are willing to get input from strangers, then you should probably own up, especially if it was just a mistake. I'm sure she'll understand, mistakes happen ... Read More »

Friend diagnosed with breast cancer, advice?

Don't panic, it's not a death sentence. It is very treatable, even curable, so don't think the worst at all. Her doctor will explain all of her treatment options or requirements. Stay strong and... Read More »

I was just diagnosed with Humologine?

Sorry, but I know how to use the Wikipedia....and it's Humologene....and nothing turns you into a rock....find another hobby.