Should I worry about a tick that my 3-year-old had?

Answer On One Hand: Ticks Can Carry DiseaseTicks are small parasites that can carry diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia and ehrlichiosis. These diseases can be very s... Read More »

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Should a 21 year old worry about cancer?

unless there is a history of cancer in your family it is probably unlikely. however it is perfectly natural to be worried about it, have a test if you are really worried

What do I need to worry about when starting a motorcycle that hasn't been run for about 4 years?

remove the spark plugs put in gear [2nd or 3rd gear] and see if you can even get it to roll or is it seized up. If its seized pour Marvel Mystery Oil into the cylinders through the spark plug holes... Read More »

Should I worry about heartburn?

On One Hand: Why Heartburn HurtsHeartburn often arises from conditions that prevent the sphincter, which is the "door" between your esophagus and stomach, from staying closed. This allows acidic st... Read More »

Should i worry about this ?

we only had anal sex, baby..I told you it's nothing to worry about.