Should I worry about a tick that my 3-year-old had?

Answer On One Hand: Ticks Can Carry DiseaseTicks are small parasites that can carry diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia and ehrlichiosis. These diseases can be very s... Read More »

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My PC makes asound like a tick its tick....tick what is the problem help me ?

Take it to the vets. They can get rid of tics.

Should a 21 year old worry about cancer?

unless there is a history of cancer in your family it is probably unlikely. however it is perfectly natural to be worried about it, have a test if you are really worried

Trying to find a relatively new song out that I heard on espn. It's Rock and has a chorus of time keeps tick tick ticking away.?

Is my 3-year-old's nose bleeding at night anything to worry about?

On One Hand: It Could Be SeriousChildren, especially during their young exploratory years, are adventurous. Their nosebleed could be attributed to many things, some of which could include a broken ... Read More »