Should I wear jeans to bed when on period?

Answer you could wear jeans if you like but remember that tight restricting clothes can cause yeast infections so you want to wear loose items once in a while to prevent that. maybe you could try leggings... Read More »

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I hate panty lines in my jeans... Is it ok to wear jeans with no underwear?

umm well the problem with not wearing underwear is that you can get irrated or get a rub rash from the jeans itself. but if you aren't going for a long period of time wearing them without underwear... Read More »

The inner thighs of my jeans wear away. Any recommendations for longer lasting jeans?

h&m may have good ones. mine used to wear away but they don't anymore, i think its because i lost a bit of weight, but other than that, go to shops like debenhams etc, they're reputable, and some m... Read More »

Would you wear this with jeans?

lighter jeans and a large black or silver hip belt, way cute dress

How do I wear 501 jeans?

WomenDon a tailored jacket over a long tank top and roll up the 501 jeans and wear them as the new boyfriend jean. Add flats and a structured bag for a look that's trendy while utilizing a classic... Read More »