Should I wear a compression garment with chicken pox?

Answer On One Hand: Relieves ItchingIt can feel good to put on a compression garment when you have chicken pox or any other itchy rash. The constant pressure is like being gently scratched when you move.O... Read More »

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How long should I wear compression stockings?

On One Hand: Certain Medical Conditions Require Daily UseCompression stockings are required for certain medical conditions, including venous ulcers, varicose veins and lymphedema (fluid retention).... Read More »

How long should I wear compression socks while traveling?

Compression socks should be worn if your flight is a long-haul flight, more than eight hours long. The socks should be worn throughout the duration of the flight. Other DVT prevention methods inclu... Read More »

Do you wear underwear with compression shorts?

According to the Wise Geek website, compression shorts are tight-fitting shorts that use compression to provide separation between the groin and thigh muscle. These shorts are usually made from a n... Read More »

I want to wear see-through shirt with no bra, where should i wear it?

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