Should I used a grinder while rolling my own cigarettes?

Answer Yes use the grinder for finer better smokes.

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Is rolling tobacco less bad for you than cigarettes?

how stupid are u? thats like saying if i drink a bottle a vodka every other night i wont become a p1ss head

What is an angle grinder used for?

An angle grinder can be used to cut very dense items such as tile, mortar and pavers. It is also used to strip off rust, sharpen blades, grind steel and remove paint. Its four main uses are cutti... Read More »

What is a bench grinder used for?

A bench grinder is used to sharpen tools, clean parts, and remove metal from a work piece. To accomplish this, the bench grinder turns an abrasive wheel and a wire brush at a high speed.References:... Read More »

Should cell phones be used while driving yes or no?

This is the answer I gave to an earlier, similar question.A study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute concluded that almost 80 percent of motor vehicle crashes and 65% of near c... Read More »