Should I use slate or flagstone on my patio?

Answer On One Hand: Flagstone is PopularFlagstone comes in a wide variety of colors that can range from gray and blue all the way to red. Flagstones often come in irregular shapes, which allows homeowners... Read More »

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How to Excavate for a Flagstone Patio?

The most important part of installing a flagstone patio is laying a strong, level foundation. Properly screeded sand on a layer of well-compacted gravel is essential. This will not only make it eas... Read More »

How long will a flagstone patio last?

Flagstone is noted for its durability. A flagstone patio will last a minimum of 20 years if properly installed with a good base of sand or stone dust. Proper installation prevents heaving during th... Read More »

Can I lay flagstone over existing concrete patio?

Yes, provided the concrete patio is structurally sound. If the concrete patio is cracked or crumbling, you will need to remove the concrete before installing the flagstone. Installing flagstone on ... Read More »

How long does it take to complete a flagstone patio?

According to the DIY network, a flagstone patio will take several weekends to complete all of the steps, including outlining the patio, installing the irrigation system, filling the base, setting t... Read More »