Should I upgrade a 10 year old computer or buy a $300 Dell?

Answer A computer is just a piece of electronics. Like other electronics they tend to wear out.A computer is only designed to last no more than 3 years normally (newer models). Plus computers become out... Read More »

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How do I upgrade a Dell computer from 32 bit to 64 bit?

Upgrade your ProcessorLook at your Dell's manual to determine what processor can fit in your motherboard. Purchase a 64-bit processor that will fit in your motherboard. Open the computer case, remo... Read More »

I bought a Dell Insprion computer 2 years ago. Is it time to upgrade yet and purchase a new system?

That really depends on what you want to do with it. If your just surfing the web and, maybe listening to music or, watching video. You may just want to consider adding a larger hard drive or, mor... Read More »

What should i upgrade for my computer...?

Don't they sell used PC's in Singapore (where the question comes from) ?The entire PC you have is worth less than $100 in the USA. Everything in it is weak including the brand and type of motherboard.

Why Should a Business Upgrade a Computer System?

Information technology has changed how companies conduct business domestically and internationally. Companies have been able to increase market share and add new product lines quickly and efficient... Read More »