Should I unfriend my Friends on facebook that are from America?

Answer I would only recommend deleting them if ALL your statuses are Tagalog and they keep saying rude things like "wtf?" Ako din, hindi sila nakaka-intindi. nakaka-tawa nga. ^^

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Should I be embarrassed that i don't have many friends on Facebook?

Not at all, it's not a popularity contest. Facebook is something to keep in touch with the people you like and know. I would rather have 10 friends than 500 weirdo's I don't really know nosing at m... Read More »

Should my friends take off my ex girlfriend from there facebook?

Depends how close they are to her in comparison to you. If they only knew her through you, then out of respect i would automatically expect them to take her off. But at the end of the day, just don... Read More »

Unfriend people on facebook?

How rude is it to "unfriend" someone on Facebook?

Pretty sure they wount mind. Since its been soo long and use havnt even talked. It will only seem snobish if they are people you really talk to. As for the farmvill invites etc etc.. Go to:Account ... Read More »