Should I try Crystal Meth I might lose my friends if I don't.?

Answer The advice of the other answerer is sound; you should not try crystal meth, for any reason, ever.You say that they are YOUR friends but are you a friend to THEM?Perhaps you should be less worried a... Read More »

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History of Crystal meth?

The Germans didn't discover it, it was the Japanese, working with the ephedra plant.Japanese chemist Nagai Nagayoshi synthesized it from ephedrine in 1893. (Plain amphetamine in 1887). In 1919, ... Read More »

The Emotional Effects of Crystal Meth?

There are many reasons to avoid using crystal meth, a form of methamphetamine, including the emotional effects the drug has on the mind and body. Crystal meth is an addictive stimulant that impacts... Read More »

Can Crystal Meth cause heart attacks?

Yes, and death as well. In fact, it's guaranteed to cause death with continued use- it may be quick or could be drawn out over many long, painful, and addicted years.

What is crystal meth, speed and crank ?

Crystal meth is probably the most popular amphetamine. It is also know an "ice".…Speed is a less common amphetamine. It is chemically similar to crystal ... Read More »