Should I tip when I pick up food at a restaurant?

Answer There is no need to tip them. If you insist... %10 would do.

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What wording should one use to ask guests at baby shower to pay for their own food at restaurant?

Put on the bottom of the invitation to "eat your own expense".If you expect people to attend a Baby Shower and bring gifts, ask for the use of a Church hall or something and at least provide cake a... Read More »

When, if ever, do you send food back in a restaurant?

It's okay to send food back under the following circumstances:a) if it's not cooked as you ordered it (i.e. it's well done and you wanted rare)b) If it's not what you ordered (i.e. you ordered stea... Read More »

Does food restaurant make more money a year, or regular fancy restaurant?

That would depend upon the location. I'm sure there are some McDonald's that make as much as, if not more, in a year than a 5 star restaurant, once you take costs, wages and other expenses into acc... Read More »

I've eaten at a mexican restaurant three times and twice have found bugs in my food. Should i try again?