Should I throw my Nvidia 9800gt now?

Answer if its only 8 months old, RMA it. contact XFX and give them the serial number off the device, proof of purchase, all that good stuff and send it backthey should replace it with a same or better car... Read More »

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If i get a nvidia 9800gt graphics card, will i need to upgrade my power supply from standard?

Depends on how many watts your current psu is rated at. Without looking up the 9800gt I think it requires a minimum of 400 watts. Check the system info of your computer and compare it to the minimu... Read More »

Did I cook my Xfx GeForce 9800gt Video Card?

XFX cards have a double-lifetime warranty. I would send it in for an RMA.

HD 4870 with AMD x4 ( 9600 ) CPU vs 9800GT with Intel Quad ( Q6600 ) ?

First combo, no question.The 4870 is SO far up the food chain.... It's competion comes from the 9900GTX, not the 9800GT.

How to Perform the Walking Throw Drill for the Discus Throw?

The walking throw drill for the discus allows the athlete to move through the different positions in a slow concentrated manner, to help better understand how the movement should feel at full speed.