Should I take the earring out since it's infected?

Answer you should take it out, because it maybe the cause of the infection, and please not touch it with your hands not cleansed. and please don't use alcohol in cleaning it dries and kills not only the b... Read More »

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Do you think my earring is infected (10 POINTS)?

No ointments on piercings! And definitely no alcohol - way too harsh.What color is the pus? If it is darker yellow/green and has an odor to it, that is infection. If it is white, clear, light color... Read More »

Infected earring Best solution?

Go to Claires, they have a little bottle of ear solution that works wonders! Use a q-tip or a cotton ball and rotate the earring several times a day.

Tragus Piercing is infected and swollen, pulling earring under the skin.?

It appears to be infected. Apply antibiotic ointment.

If your 12 yr old son has a temp of 102.7 and has been sick since last night Should you take him to the ER or can you wait until morning to take him if he isn't larthagic and only has mild flu symptom?

If he is 12 years old it is safe to wait till morning if he is otherwise normal. Symptoms to be taken seriously are vomiting, abdominal pain, irritability, drowsiness and severe headache.