Should I take out a $28,000 student loan my freshman year of college?

Answer Unfortunately, a bachelor's degree in sociology will not take you that far in life. It will be hard paying back those loans with that type of degree and a job related in that field.Also, be careful... Read More »

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Good Classes to Take Your Freshman Year of College?

If you're getting ready to attend college, then enrolling in your first semester of classes is a very important milestone. The classes you take throughout your college career and the order that you... Read More »

Can you take out a student loan for housing in college?

Many people don't even want to consider student loans for college, but you may want to look into Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans (just Google for information, or your college financial ai... Read More »

What should a 17-year-old college freshman do if she is two months pregnant and the father has abandoned her?

Answer I am 23 and a college freshmen, about to be a sophmore, and I am a single mother. I became one in my ninth month of pregnancy when the "father" was abusive. The best thing for you to do is S... Read More »

Should I take the student loan or not?

Yes, great idea. I failed to do it when I was in College and it makes me crazy to think about all the money I lost.Friends of mine did it - put the money in a savings account - and forget the money... Read More »