Should I take my antibiotics again (sore throat/tonsilitis)?

Answer The reason that you're supposed to finish ALL of your antibiotics is to completely kill off the infection. All you did was kill off the weaker bacteria. Now the stronger bacteria have had a chanc... Read More »

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How long should i take antibiotics?

Yes you need to take it as long as your doctor prescribes it. Your doctor might also advise you to take prophylactic medications before going to the dentist. I think I have read some of the precaut... Read More »

Should I take anything after antibiotics?

Not really anything you can do. You don't say why you have had 2 courses af antibiotics in such a short space of time. Statistically however it has been estimated that between 50 and 85% of all ant... Read More »

Should a diabetic take fish antibiotics?

On One Hand: No Particular Danger For DiabeticsThere is nothing wrong with diabetics taking antibiotics. They kill bacteria in a sick person's body, helping fight off an infection if it actually is... Read More »

Should you take antibiotics for a sinus infection while pregnant?

Answer If the doctor says it's ok, go ahead. But don't do anything like theat without a doctors approval.