Should I take him to Emergency?

Answer you should just to be safe, dont want to take a chance. good luck, i hope he is ok.

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Should I take her to the emergency room for stitches?

If it's an inch long and on her foot, i'd say take her for stitches because she can get so many different types of bacteria on her feet. If u decide not to, then try some steri strips, they're lit... Read More »

What temperature should you take an 8 month old to the emergency room?

Temperature of 39 degree C. and above should be taken seriously. However please remember that the degree of temperature is not the only criterion. The general condition of the baby and associated s... Read More »

At what temperature should a parent take an 8 year old to the emergency room?

It depends on a lot of factors, including what other symptoms are being exhibited, what have you tried to do to bring it down, how long has it been up, what were the circumstances surrounding the h... Read More »

When should you take your five year old to the emergency with a fever?

I would say if there is a strange rash along with it or something. OR if the fever is over 103