Should I switch to Firefox?

Answer Switch? Well that is completely a matter of opinion. Don't uninstall your Internet Explorer.. But definitely install Firefox. It's a great browser. .. I have nearly all of them installed.. (Saf... Read More »

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How to Switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox?

Internet Explorer comes installed on all Windows operating systems. Many people just stay with Internet Explorer not even knowing about other browser which most of the time are safer and faster the... Read More »

After i switch off my pc, i dont switch off the ups. is that bad. should it be turned off or left on.?

No, you should leave the UPS on 24x7 - this keeps it charged and ready to go when you need it.Frankly, I don't turn off the computers I have - but you can if you want to save money on your electric... Read More »

Should I upgrade to Firefox 3?

It all depends on how you use Firefox. If you are big into add-ons like me, keep your Firefox 2 because most of the FF2 ones do not have FF3 support yet. If you just use it as a simple internet bro... Read More »

What internet should I use, Firefox or Google Chrome?

If you want:Security: FirefoxStability and smooth browsing: ChromeRunning on proxy: Maxthon (fast but a bit unstable)Hope it helps :D