Should I swich my son's preschool?

Answer If you've heard good things about the other preschool, and have toured it and like it, I would make the move. Unless he's a sensitive kid, the move shouldn't faze him too much. I am a preschool t... Read More »

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Small piece of sons finger fell off, should I take him to a doctor?

By the cavalier attitude that you're taking in revealing this blatant case of child neglect, you very clearly have misplaced priorities. A quarter inch of a toddler's finger will probably result in... Read More »

What should you do if you clipped your sons nail to short and it keeps bleeding?

Can you swich phones?

Can a person really be this clueless? What's your plan? Do you have a contract? How long have you had it? Seriously, if you want the iPhone that bad, you should probably learn a bit about phones fi... Read More »

My husband is verbally abusive to both me and my teenage sons children are rebelling should you leave?

No one can tell you what to do with your life but you should not be putting up with any type of abuse at all and for your safety as well as your children it would be in your best interest to get ou... Read More »