Should I sue a nightclub - Got a concussion from bouncer slamming door on my face.?

Answer HELL YEAH! Sue 'em!

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How to Become a Nightclub Bouncer?

While many people still see bouncers as burly men who like to get in fights, the field of nightclub security is about much more than intimidation. Today's nightclub bouncers need skills beyond self... Read More »

How do you have a bouncer on nightclub city?

We were on holiday and able to lounge in the sun all day

How to Become a Bouncer or Nightclub Security Worker?

There are many different ways to gain employment as a bouncer. Some are dangerous, some DO NOT work and others just annoy people off that work at the bar.

Can a nightclub bouncer confiscate your passport?

"Andrea liked that the new house contained a lounge, because her old house didn't.""On Saturdays, Sophie liked to lounge around, doing nothing.""The Patel waited in the departure lounge before catc... Read More »