Should I sue I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap?

Answer You could have a case. It sounds plausible. And thank god your beanus wasn't harmed.

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I fell asleep last night with a laptop on my chest?

You'll be fine - as long as your laptops not very heavy then it won't have done you any damage whatsoever.It's your laptop you need to worry about! Try not to let it get to hot as it may cause it t... Read More »

I fell asleep with my contacts in and now i see blurry what should i do?

HELP! i fell asleep with a tampon in! wht do i doo?

My girlfriend says you can fall asleep with it in all the time but that crazy **** never happened to her....GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!!You can suffer from tss and it's deadly!!

Fell asleep with contacts in my eyes for the first time?

Hi, Yes, this is okay as the reaction depends on the type of lenses you have or your eye type.- Some lenses have a lot of moisture so may make up for you wearing it for excessively long times- Some... Read More »