Should I stop using Gimp [example of first try] PLEASE tips ><?

Answer Chu-boy, it's not that bad to be honest actually.I don't think you should stop using GIMP - well unless you have Photoshop. But it takes quite a long time to get used to it. GIMP can create stuff l... Read More »

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How many photos can i hold on a 128mb memory stick using the lowest compression rate etc please give example,?

with an average of 50Kb per compressed photo.. it would keep upto 2500 ..

What's an alternative way to clean my ears Want to stop using Q-Tips?

I spray water in my ears from the shower head whenever I shower. It flushes them out and helps remove wax. You may also want to consider taking an omega 3 supplement. Too much wax is often a sign o... Read More »

I gave up smoking monday using patches but today im climbing the walls for a fag . any tips PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!?

HI, Yes I sympathise with you about this. It is not a good feeling. I have found someone who practised needle free acupuncture and the results was fantastic .Not only I have stopped for 11 months I... Read More »


First thing to do . is to change all your passwords to everything online as you have just posted for the whole world to see.. After doing that. make sure all upgrades on your OS are installed. Make... Read More »