Should I stop taking multivitamins and minerals supplements?

Answer It is wise to take vitamin supplements, given that we can't always eat perfectly and that soil depletion causes problems with food being as nutritious as it has been. I have posted links below tha... Read More »

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Should i be taking protein supplements?

No, supplements arent very good for you particularly for a 15 yo. I would even go as far to say your too young to body build(i think 16 is the age).Foods with alot of protein:-canned tuna is 25% pr... Read More »

Should I stop taking cholesterol medication?

Type 2 diabetes means your glucose metabolism is impaired. The deterioration of your glucose metabolism occurs over many years. You may have only been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes recently, but I... Read More »

I am taking avandia for sugar control,,should i stop?

Fracture Risk Doubles in Diabetes Patients Taking Actos or AvandiaBy Daniel J. DeNoonWebMD Medical NewsReviewed by Louise Chang, MDApril 28, 2008 -- The "glitazone" diabetes drugs Actos and Avandia... Read More »

Should I stop taking Miacalin if I get some sores in the nose?

On One Hand: Miacalcin's Side EffectsAccording to, sores in or around the nose can result from taking Miacalcin nasal spray. recommends promptly speaking with a physician if thi... Read More »