Should I stop taking Miacalin if I get some sores in the nose?

Answer On One Hand: Miacalcin's Side EffectsAccording to, sores in or around the nose can result from taking Miacalcin nasal spray. recommends promptly speaking with a physician if thi... Read More »

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Should I stop taking Miacalcin if I get some sores in my nose?

On One Hand: Seek Medical AttentionAccording to the Mayo Clinic, a physician should be consulted immediately if sores develop in the nose after Miacalcin use. At the very least, it would be wise to... Read More »

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Fracture Risk Doubles in Diabetes Patients Taking Actos or AvandiaBy Daniel J. DeNoonWebMD Medical NewsReviewed by Louise Chang, MDApril 28, 2008 -- The "glitazone" diabetes drugs Actos and Avandia... Read More »