Should I stop smoking?

Answer This is your body's way of telling you that weed is a toxin, and its trying to get rid of it I would advise not to smoke any more weed ever again as it seems it is causing you nothing but problems.

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Should i stop smoking weed ?

Captain Sarcasm is absolutely right, this is what it does to your brain. (That goes double for you Anonymous)…I work in rehab and have seen the young lives... Read More »

Should I stop smoking I am going to die anyway!?

You please yourself,so long as you accept that others can do the same.If you dont interfere with the comfort of others you are entitled to die how you like.If you stop smoking your teeth will impro... Read More »

I am ready to stop smoking, should I try hypnosis?

When I decide to stop smoking I did some research online and I asked people I know. There are those patches, that nasty gum and medication. Most people who were able to stop without the cravings an... Read More »

Do think they should stop all smoking in prison?

Yes. We the taxpayers are not only paying for their incarceration but also for their medical care. Smoking causes many diseases so why not eliminate it in the prisons and it would probably save m... Read More »