Should I stop eating oreos?

Answer Is there a certain reason whyI think of its the only unhealthy food u eat that u can eat them but not to many a day maybe 1 or 2 per day balanced out by other healthy foods

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Should I stop eating?

What do you eat on your other meals?You have to look after ALL meals, not only the breakfast. Look for a nutritionist or for medical directions. If you want to lose weight, you also will HAVE to go... Read More »

Should I stop eating my nails im afraid?

Well if you are afriad, that could explain why you have chosen to nibble on them like they are a delicacy. What are you afraid of? You should quit chewing on them, yes. I had to learn the hard way ... Read More »

Does swine flu mean we should stop eating pork?

You can eat pork. That's not how it's transferred. In fact, regular swine flu isn't usually transferable to humans. Here's what they think happened:So bird flu is stored in its intestines. So they ... Read More »

We have been eating meat for centuries, so why should we stop?