Should I stop cutting my wrist?

Answer Please help yourself, quit, if you want, you can IM me or email me if you want to talk to someone.

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Why should we stop cutting down trees?

We shouldn't. Trees are a renewable resource.

Cutting wrist :\?

STOP!!!!!!!! This will hurt you later! plz I beg you, stop.Please don't let the pain start. If you want to some how hurt yourself....y? That could ruin your pretty image. Wear a head band around yo... Read More »

Wrist cutting help!?

maybe put a bit of ur mom's concealer on it.. make sure she doesn't find out u went through her make-up stuff though (even more suspicious)good luck though.. happy fourth.

My friend tried cutting her wrist?

shes doing for attention. cutting dosen't help at all. supid ******* kids do it cuz its the "emo" thing ur frieds a dumb **** :)