Should I stay home from school tomorrow?

Answer if you're either light headed and in pain, or asleep, you won't be able to focus if you go back to school, so there's not much point in going. ask a friend to get your assignments so you can try a... Read More »

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Should I stay home from school?

Just take some Tylenol and go to bed. I wouldn't skip school though unless you have a fever. Colds make you feel like crap, but it doesn't mean you should just stay home.

Pre school Or stay home?

it is due to her not used to being in that kind of environment. preschool or day care at that age is important

How to Know when to Stay Home from School Due to Illness?

Are you feeling a bit queasy, but not sure if its enough to stay at home?

What Are Some Reasons to Stay Home From School?

There are several legitimate reasons for a parent to keep a child home from school, whether the youngster is ill, for a religious holiday or a death in the family.