Should I start using google?

Answer yeahhhhh google is awesome

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When is Google-Earth going to start using its new satellite technology?

I do not actually know but I am all against Google Earth. It invades everyone's privacy. It's like having a big black van outside your house monitoring you

Should i start using crutches?

any way to relieve pressure will always help--i have a cousin who also broke his ankle (but he is in a regular plaster cast), and although he still walks on it (he was given a walking attachment, t... Read More »

At what age should i start using make up?

I started using mascara and eyeliner in 6th grade. You can start using whenever you want. As long as you feel comfortable and confident! Good luck!

When should you start using anti-aging products?

On One Hand: Start in the 20sUsing anti-aging products while you are in your 20s will help you develop a solid skin-care regimen. You'll develop skin-care habits that will pay big dividends in late... Read More »