Should I spend the money on the Wacom?

Answer I wrote this long response, then accidently switched to another page, and when I came back it was gone......Okay, here's the gist.If you're planning on working serious with a graphics tablet, spend... Read More »

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Should I spend my money on my Girlfriend or on a High Def TV?

Is this a real question? Any self-respecting man would know that you spend the money on an HDTV over a girlfriend.If you would have said Wife of Fiance, then you'd have to think about that one. B... Read More »

I have some money i can spend,,,,,what should i buy?

If you have children then put it in a savings account for them.Spend it on others in your family.Start xmas shopping with it.Buy an extravagant xmas decoration for your home or yard.Go to a day spa... Read More »

How much money should you spend on a wedding gift?

On One Hand: Traditional Gift-Giving EtiquetteThe commonly accepted rule of thumb is to spend twice what you would spend on a birthday gift. Most people spend from $50 to $150 for wedding gifts, de... Read More »

How Much Money Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

A home's framing may not be visible, but it will dictate the integrity and longevity of a home. Improper framing is usually the culprit for premature drywall cracking in ceilings and walls, not to... Read More »