Should I spend the extra $300 for a 1080i 58'' plasma or should I spend less and get a 1080p 50'' plasma?

Answer How far back will the closest point of viewing be? You CAN in fact get too close to the screen for the purposes of getting a good viewing experience. With a 50 inch, Do NOT try to view it from clos... Read More »

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I'm about to buy a plasma tv, should i get a reasonably priced 720p or spend the extra for 1080p?

(depending on how much the price varies of course, but say its over 100 difference) I would say unless you have Hi Def television, the TV is huge, and you have a blu-ray player, dont worry about it... Read More »

LCD or Plasma Which is better If you had $1000 to spend which one would you get?

Plasma. Panasonic has released a great new screen that has up to twice the life of an LCD. It has a better viewing range, meaning the angles you can see the screen are greater than an LCD. Also,... Read More »

When did 1080P Plasma TV come out?

2005, major tv companies such as samsung lg and Panasonic offered 1080p HD TVs

How to Set the Color for a Panasonic 1080P Plasma?

Your Panasonic plasma 1080p TV offers what the company calls Deep Color, displaying over a billion colors in detail. Set the color for your Panasonic TV in minutes after installation.