Should I sleep on the couch tonight?

Answer Just go downstairs, say you couldn't sleep and fell asleep watching tv on the couch, don't over think things so much, not worth getting irritated over, go and get that well deserved sleep!

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How to Sleep on a Couch?

Ever had that annoying situation when you have too many people at your house and have been banished to the couch? Or maybe you just feel like your bed is uncomfortable, or you just simply enjoy sle... Read More »

I am 16 years old and my dad has custody of me. I no longer wish to visit my mom. I don't even have a bedroom at her house. I have to sleep on the couch. Is this possible?

Answer Talk to your dad about going to court and getting you to talk to the judge and tell the judge why you do not wish to visit her and that you don't have any personal space at her house most j... Read More »

Can i sleep with my tampon tonight?

If you put it in at 10 and you sleep until nine, that is 11 hours. The maximum you really should leave one in is about 8 hours, so you might want to change it before you go to sleep just to be saf... Read More »

Should I sleep with my landlord tonight?