Should I shave my arms?

Answer I have the same issue as you do, but I learned from past mistakes. Do NOT shave your arms, it's bad business. If you decide to stop shaving, it'll become worse. Thicker, blacker, and longer. I'm po... Read More »

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How to Shave Your Arms?

Many people prefer the look and feel of having a shaved arm. While it's not as simple as shaving your legs, it's still quite easy. Does this Spark an idea?

Should I shave my arms :/?

no you shouid relax and appreciate your body but if it makes YOU uncomfortable you can use hair remover cream . dont worry about what people think.

Do you shave your arms?

Would it be okay if i started to shave my arms?

of course it would be fine! i shave mine all the time. i just shave them when i feel the hair start growing back, like every other shower (which is ever other day) :)i hate hair and shave everythin... Read More »