Should I see a doctor/chiropractor, or am I just over-reacting?

Answer It is a muscle strain, don't worry about it. Unless you have some low bone density disease, you don't need a doctor... give it a week if it still hurts go see someone.

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Maybe I'm just over reacting?

The fact that he is taking her out of your sight and then she screams shortly afterwards makes me feel something is very wrong. There is no reason for him to take her upstairs EVERY time. And if ... Read More »

Could I be bipolar Or am I over-reacting?

Hi Alexandra. Ahhhhh, you need someone to hold you and rock you. You need to cry, actually. And sob real hard. I'm so sorry. See, what is bothering you is deep and everything else on top of it... Read More »

Don't you u think ppl r over reacting about the Boston blasts?

I think so. These things happen all the time across the World, yet we are getting a ton of news coverage just about the Boston bombs when we live in Europe!

TH Family: Are you over reacting to the Human connect to Human song?

I agree with you 10000000000%!''personally I'm insulted if people in the TH family have problems with lesbians, gays or bisexuals''I feel the same way. no matter what, you do NOT discriminate again... Read More »