Should I see a doctor or is it normal?

Answer Anything that causes you to be lightheaded without a good physical reason should be met by a qualified physician.Ultimately it's caused by a lack of sufficient blood flow to the brain and can happe... Read More »

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Should I go to the doctor or is this normal?

This is only a hangover. Do not worry. You need not go to doctor. Have a good sleep today. You will be OK after that.

Im about 8 mo. pregnant and have pinching feelings in the upper rib cage is this normal or should i consult a doctor?

Answer This sounds normal to me, just the ligaments attaching your ribs stretching to allow room for the baby.

My heart doctor was asking me personal questions, is this normal?

Not sure but I believe that he was looking for stress in your life, and he was probably trying to make a connection. DOnt think that he was hitting on you

My doctor told me my resting heart rate is normal but it's not?

Are you sure you mean resting heart rate? Or was this your overall range during a stress test? Athletes your age can only get their heart rates up to 200 BPM for a short time. Not only is a resting... Read More »