Should I see a doctor for this sunburn?

Answer ouch- sounds like a second degree burn. You may need to see a doctor, as open blisters can get infected easily. Please don't poke at them or tear the skin off. You will need to protect this skin... Read More »

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Should i go see a doctor for this?

Yes, u should go. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine and can cause back pains. Just go and get it checked out b4 it gets worse.

Should I get this checked out by the doctor?

Yeah, go to the Dr. Get it looked at, maybe x-rayed if Dr. thinks so. X-ray can rule out a lot of scary stuff for a low price.What does the skin surface look like? Could it have been a bug/spide... Read More »

Should I go to the doctor for this pain?

Several possibilities. You could wait a few days and see it it settles down. If it doesn't definitely go to the doctor--or go if the pain is severe.Pain is usually a symptom of something. It may... Read More »

Should i go see a doctor for this burn?

I would give it a few more days to see how it heals. If it begins to scab, it's fine. But, if it continues to stay open, develops bubbles/pus or become inflamed around it, I would see a doctor beca... Read More »