Should I return this lost phone back?

Answer You can not keep it. This is illegal, just give it into the school secretary. Please don't ever think of keeping something that isn't yours. How do you think the owner currently feels?

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What sort of compensation should one receive when luggage is lost 4 days going to Paris and another 4 days on the return this also caused 2 extra nights at airport hotels and many meeting missed?

You need to see a lawyer about this. Don't just take the advice from some random person over the computer.

I lost my phone, how do i get it back?

Which one should i return back to the store?

It looks like to me the EX-150PK can do all that the EX-Z75 can do and more. So, if you are looking for the best of the two, that is it, but you might want to look at the reviews be for making a fi... Read More »

I lost my sim card to my phone. Is this bad. Why?

how could you lose your sim card unless you took it out?and it depends... if you had lots of contacts or text messages or other stuff then that would have been on the sim card... and also it would ... Read More »