Should I report my neighbor if?

Answer Considering you don't know the whole situation, I don't think it's worth the hassle.1) How do you know he didn't go fishing with a buddy who has a license to catch the same amount of fish but does... Read More »

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My neighbor has a huge hole in his backdoor. Should I offer to spackle it Or should I surprise him?

I would say it would depend on your neighbor. Some folks might freak out or take offense. Not to mention the fact that another neighbor might think you're trying to break in.Unfortunately, the 'g... Read More »

Should I say anything to my neighbor about too much junk food?

Uh, why do you think his blood sugar is high? You don't get high blood sugar from eating carbohydrates. A person without diabetes eats carbohydrates, the pancreas releases insulin quickly to take g... Read More »

My wife is a fat pig. My 25 year old skinny neighbor will have an affair with me. Should I?

I read your other questions...and they all seem phony...but very funny. Why dont you put up a pic so we can judge how in shape you really are????

I just overheard my neighbor say she hates a plant I have growing, should I go cut it down?

Why would you care what a foul mouthed, Canadian harridan has to say about your property and your aesthetics? Give her an inch and she'll take a mile, I guarantee.Keep your lovely vine. She can g... Read More »