Should I remove my grillz when me and my man go parking?

Answer I am so outta touch. I had to google up what that even was! lol. No way, babby! Leave 'em in...he'll love it. He'll be in for a special surprise when you go to pleasure him (wink*wink) Ribbed, for ... Read More »

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Should I click on the "safely remove hardware "icon at the bottom right of my computer when I remove a device?

You should ALWAYS switch a USB device like a flash drive, memory card, camera off using the "safely remove hardware" or you can corrupt it or the files on it.Despite what a couple of people have sa... Read More »

You own a motorcycle. The condo you own and live recently disallowed motorcycle parking in the parking lot. What are your parking rights. Do you have a say on this?

According to the New York Appellate Division of State Supreme Court decided the co-op and condo law that courts will not get involved in decisions unless there is bad faith, fraud or breach of duty... Read More »

How to Get Grillz?

Before the trendy grill came about, rappers and hip hop artists used a gold tooth or two to make a statement. This evolved into the entire row of gold teeth that evolved into the various choices o... Read More »

How to Make Grillz?

What are Grillz? The metal-mouth creations known as 'grillz' are really a trend adaptation of gold crowns or fillings. Clubbers and other hipsters are making their own "fake gold teeth", sometimes ... Read More »