Should I quit drinking?

Answer if you are going to drink still with one kind ... don't mix, hard stuff with beer AND wine ... learn how to drink and don't do it in excess or by yourself ... if you quit is up to you ...

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What is the best way to quit drinking ?

long meditation upto 45 minutes in one day.this will help feel relax and forget about drinking.

I want to quit drinking. How's the best way to go about this?

I completely understand where your coming from and I struggle to give up alcohol as well. But you will feel better for it even if it is just a week here and there. I have found a few websites that ... Read More »

How to Quit Drinking Alcohol?

If you feel that you drink too much or even if you are not an alcoholic, there are many benefits of quitting drinking, such as preventing strokes, reducing your weight, avoiding hangovers, and redu... Read More »

Should I quit smoking OR drinking?