Should I quit being a vegetarian?

Answer Make an appointment with your doctor and take the results to your dad. Before you show them to him, ask him if he'll give you the money if they prove you're healthy. If he won't agree to that, th... Read More »

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Should i stop being a vegetarian?

okay...don't sweat it. this happens a lot with new vegetarians.what you need to do is see if you can meet with a clinical dietitian.You probably aren't eating the right things for a vegetarian. T... Read More »

Should I stop being vegetarian?

If you like the smell of bacon, I'd say go for it! Latest research shows there are little health benefits of being a vegetarian. Mortality rates of meat eaters and vegetarians are essentially the s... Read More »

Should I have to give up being a vegetarian?

I think that most people can get their required level of B12 by taking a good supplement, or by eating enough animal products (dairy and eggs) even if they don't eat meat. As for the iron, you rea... Read More »

If I become a vegetarian will I loose weight (Also information about being a vegetarian)?

Some people lose weight on a vegetarian diet, and others don't. It's about the choices you make for a healthy lifestyle, combined with whether your body likes a vegetarian lifestyle.Many vegetarian... Read More »