Should I put Neosporin or other antibiotic cream on my surgical incision?

Answer No. Apply a Vitamin E cream or aloe vera cream.In a couple of weeks you can go to a scar reducing cream.

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Should I aplly neosporin or vaslien or should I leave my wound alone and will it heal?

An itch sensation means it's healing. I'm 14 too, and let me assure you, you'll be just fine. I would rub some witch hazel on it every night, or neosporin. Oh, and uh, keep sharp objects away from ... Read More »

What is the difference between an antibiotic ointment and cream?

The cream is water based and soaks into the skin faster but doesn't occlude the wound from the air. Which helps the healing process along a bit faster. The ointment is petroleum based and occludes ... Read More »

Should i let my cut heal on its own or apply neosporin?

Yes, applying Neosporin will help. Typically when you get a cut, after you wash it with water and soap, you should apply Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of the bacteria. (The yellow stuff) After that ... Read More »

My kid had surgery,a kid hit mine with a ball & now theres swelling & bleeding at the incision.should i worry?

TAKE YOUR CHILD TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM ASAP!!!! I'm serious. Haven't you heard the story of that actress who hit her head while skiing? She thought nothing of it at first, and then died only 2 days ... Read More »