Should I pre order the Samsung galaxy s4 or wait till it hits Verizon shelves?

Answer You might as well pre-order it. I doubt it will disappoint. Samsung is a reliable company and would not mess anything up. The only reason to wait would be to read the reviews. But if that is not a ... Read More »

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Im buying the samsung galaxy from verizon?

If they have the phone in stock, they'll just hand it over right then.

Where can I pre-order the Samsung Galaxy 4?

here is the tentative roll out schedule…AT&T is expected to be first. If you pre-order at Verizon, it won't come until the end of May.

How do I change the order of Albums on a Samsung Galaxy Young?

Unless your media app has an option to sort by release date then the only way to do it is to rename all the albums putting either a letter or number before the album name, for example:A or 1 A... Read More »

Is samsung galaxy note 2 also waterproof like samsung galaxy s3?

No such thing as a waterproof phone. A headphone jack or a charging port will let water in. Never mind the speaker and mic.The Galaxy S3 has "waterproof" cases. Consider them water resistant, not... Read More »