Should I pop my blister?

Answer No, it hurts like hell. I did it on the 3rd. There are these special blister bandaids. See if you have them or buy them, they help alot. Im using them on my popped blister and i put it on yesterday... Read More »

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Should you pop a blister or leave it alone If you can pop a blister how do you go about doing it safely?

leave it alone because the skin over the fluid is a natural and very effective barrier to infection; but if you MUST pop it in order to walk, wash the area and your hands first with soap and water... Read More »

Should i pop my blister or not?

DON'T POP IT! It might get infected. Instead, wash the area and take a small safety pin, sterilize it by keeping it in 70% isopropyl alcohol for 30+ seconds. Then wait for it to air-dry (don't use ... Read More »

Should i put a bandaid on my blister?

Yes because it will help the blister not get rubbed as much

Should I pop this blister?

If you want to relieve the pressure, use a sterilised (or boiled) needle to gently break the surface of the blister until it starts to drain. Don't touch it without washing your hand first to stop ... Read More »