Should I pop my blister?

Answer No, it hurts like hell. I did it on the 3rd. There are these special blister bandaids. See if you have them or buy them, they help alot. Im using them on my popped blister and i put it on yesterday... Read More »

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Should you pop a blister or leave it alone If you can pop a blister how do you go about doing it safely?

leave it alone because the skin over the fluid is a natural and very effective barrier to infection; but if you MUST pop it in order to walk, wash the area and your hands first with soap and water... Read More »

Blister help!!!!!?

Antibiotic ointment and a band aid to protect it. That is the best you can do.

Bad blister !!!!!?

Try moleskin from your local pharmacy. It wil do the trick. Trust me.

How to Pop a Blister?

Blisters can be really annoying and sometimes you don't have time to deal with them. Do you? Well I don't.