Should I pop a burn blister It's 2cms long and about 1/2cm high.?

Answer Blister TreatmentMismanaged blister treatment is a common occurrence. Many individuals believe that you should not pop or remove a blister. This is still a controversial issue. As a healthcare prov... Read More »

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How long will my burn blister take to heal?

It depends how large the blister is. Half an inch wide, you said, but is it protruding a lot? i.e. is it almost flat or is it raised considerably? The flatter it is the quicker it will heal since t... Read More »

I have a burn blister should i pop it?

No! Don't do that as it'll get infected and heal slower than it would if you just leave it alone.Be careful the next time.Peace.

Should you pop a blister from a burn?

No. It's best to leave it alone. The body forms that blister as sort of a natural band-aid, to provide a cushion, and a sterile field to promote healing. Eventually, the blister will pop on its own... Read More »

How to get rid of a sun burn blister on my lip?

You should leave the blisters heal themselves because if you burst them you are open to infection then. Also, beacuse Im too tired to type a solution to you, im just going to copy what someone else... Read More »