Should I perm my hair straight?

Answer Curly hair tend to frizz, and pouffy. Permed hair are chemicals that can make hair FRIZZIER & POUFFIER, more damaged, & dried, brittle until they're 100% cut off. HEAT & CHEMICALS are hair's worst... Read More »

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How to Perm Your Hair Straight?

If you have curly hair and want to perm it straight, there are plenty of home kits you can use to do this yourself. Following the directions is crucial for the health of your hair. You can then hav... Read More »

How to Get Hair Back to Straight After a Perm?

Because the chemicals remain in your hair until it grows out, the only way to eliminate a perm completely is to cut off the treated hair. Chopping off your precious locks, however, is probably not ... Read More »

How to Get Waves With Straight Hair Without Using a Perm for Men?

Not only can a perm damage your hair, but also, many guys don't want the tight, spiraled curl look that perms can give. Instead, opt for a healthier and easier alternative to get waves in your hair... Read More »


There's a difference between perming and relaxing. Since you want your hair to be straight, you need a relaxer... acid based relaxer because alkaline based relaxers damage the hell out of your hair... Read More »